Conservative Republican Chenele Dixon will ensure your values are fought for and protected.

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About Conservative Republican Chenele Dixon

As your State Representative, I am fighting to ensure we have strong schools, safe streets, well-maintained infrastructure, and conservative values. The growth that Idaho is experiencing requires creative solutions from hardworking leaders.

Idaho is our home and we love this community. I homeschooled our two daughters and taught English classes to other homeschooling students here. Currently, I am serving as the Kimberly School District Foundation President. My experiences in public and private education help guide my vision for strong public education with innovation and alternatives. As your state Representative, I am making sure that parents have control over their children's education.

Being involved in the community is important to me. I've been deeply involved with the local Twin Falls County Republicans for many years. I've worked on campaigns to elect conservative Republicans who are willing to put in the hard work to solve the problems that the Magic Valley is facing. The growth that we are experiencing requires creative solutions.

We have to fight the influx of illegal drugs flooding into our state. I Back the Blue, and voted to fund the Idaho State Police (HB359), including providing training for them at the Southern border to learn how to stop fentanyl trafficking. In addition to our Law Enforcement, I support and appreciate the tireless work of all of our first responders and our Veterans (S1150). Their service to our community is vital.

We need to address our aging infrastructure, our roads and bridges need repair and replacement. The right type of leader can meet the needs of our state while keeping our taxes low. This past session, we passed historic property tax relief (HB292) while still appropriating dollars for improving infrastructure throughout Idaho (HB354). I am committed to doing everything I can to help the Magic Valley see a third bridge–something that is desperately needed here.

Politics can be messy and divisive but it doesn't have to be. I believe in public service and the needs of the Magic Valley residents matter to me. Together we can build upon Idaho’s legacy of conservative leadership.

Legislative Accomplishments

  • Supported postsecondary education and workforce development opportunities - H24, S1167 (2023)
  • Took a stand against fentanyl traffickers to protect Idaho communities - H406 (2024)
  • Supported the College of Southern Idaho - S1160 (2023,) H458 (2024)
  • Backed the UI Ag Research and Cooperative Extension - H336 (2023,) H458 (2024)
  • Supported vital transportation infrastructure - H237 (2023)
  • Opposed the Lava Ridge project - HCR4 (2023)
  • Backed the Idaho Department of Agriculture - H325 (2023)
  • Supported the Idaho Soil and Water Conservation Commission - H352 (2023)
  • Chenele Dixon on the Issues.

    Defending Your Idaho Values

    Idaho has a rich history in agriculture and conservative leadership, we need to fight to protect this. I believe in the sanctity of life. I am pro-life and pro-Second Amendment. As a fiscal conservative, I oppose burdensome taxes and support efforts that remove government regulations and better allow the business community to succeed.

    Promoting Your Parental Rights in Education

    Idaho’s future depends on a strong education system. Parents have the right to control their children’s education to have an input on what is being taught in the classroom. I believe in strong public schools and the freedom of choice for homeschoolers and those choosing private schools.

    Putting You First, Protecting Your Community

    Idaho is growing, and with that comes unique challenges. I am fighting to ensure anyone who trafficks fentanyl into our community receives a lengthy sentence. As our population increases we have to be diligent about keeping our property taxes low and our roads and bridges repaired. I will ensure Idaho is prepared for the future while protecting the interests of Idaho’s families, agricultural industry and small businesses.

    Economy and Job Growth

    Too often government is the obstacle for small businesses to succeed. We will continue to cut burdensome and unnecessary regulations helping Idaho’s economy grow. As a fiscal conservative I have consistently opposed wasteful government spending and support tax cuts.


    Idaho’s future depends on a strong education system. Parents deserve to have input on what is being taught in the classroom. We have exceptional teachers in Idaho and our public schools need the resources to help our students succeed. I believe in strong public schools and the freedom of choice for homeschoolers and private schoolers. I oppose efforts to funnel government dollars to private schools.

    Supporting Public Safety

    Safe communities are what attract people to the Magic Valley. We all want the comfort that comes from knowing we live in an area with such little crime, but as Idaho grows our crime rates are increasing. There is a flood of illegal drugs entering Idaho and Idaho’s children are becoming the casualties of this crisis. Drugs are not welcome in this state. We can better equip our police officers to fight this and we can better educate our children to avoid this, but to ultimately deter fentanyl from coming to our state, we need to have mandatory minimum sentences on those who traffic fentanyl.

    Improving Our Infrastructure

    Whether it be adding a third river crossing or improving our roads, infrastructure projects are essential to our day-to-day lives. As your Representative I will work with state agencies to ensure the Magic Valley sees infrastructure improvements and expansions.


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