Legislative Update


This past week at the Capitol I was able to present my volunteer ski patrol bill (H408) on the House floor. It is a great bill that gives our volunteer ski patrollers throughout the state protection from liability when doing their job on the ski mountain. Many of the smaller ski mountains throughout the state rely on volunteers for their ski patrol. In our area, Pomerelle, Magic Mountain and Soldier all have volunteer ski patrols. The bill passed the House floor and is headed to the Senate. I appreciate people throughout our state who volunteer their time and talents to serve their community. There are so many ways to volunteer and volunteer ski patrollers are just one example of the spirit of

volunteerism in our state—thank you to everyone who volunteers in our state and especially here in the Magic Valley.

We also passed H521 which not only lowers the income tax rate in Idaho, but makes $2 billion available to improve school facilities over ten years. This is a good start to help our aging infrastructure in our schools.

In addition to H521, JFAC voted 16-4 for full funding for LAUNCH. This grant program offers up to $8000 to graduating high school seniors to enter training for in-demand careers in Idaho. Th

e LAUNCH funding will now head to the full House. Both of these show our dedication to our students throughout Idaho and our investment in our future. I am proud to support H521 and LAUNCH.

Rep. Chenele Dixon