Conservative Republican Chenele Dixon will ensure your values are fought for and protected.

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About Conservative Republican Chenele Dixon

Idaho needs real conservative leadership. That is why I am running for State Representative. I will ensure our values are fought for and protected.

My family has multi-generational roots in Idaho. Idaho is our home and we love this community. I homeschooled our two daughters and taught English classes and senior seminars for homeschooling students here for many years. Today, I serve as the Kimberly School District Foundation President. My experiences in public and private education help guide my vision for strong public education with innovation and alternatives. I’ll make sure parents have control over their children’s education.

For more than 12 years, I have been very involved with the local Twin Falls County Republicans. I’ve worked on many campaigns to elect conservative Republicans, but the time has come for me to run for office myself and take the values I cherish and that resonate with Idahoans to the Capitol.

While Idaho is a beacon of conservative politics in the United States, we must take nothing for granted. I am committed to a strong conservative agenda, representing the experiences and ideals of Magic Valley residents. Together we will build and preserve Idaho’s foundation of patriotism, freedom, and liberty.

Chenele Dixon on the Issues.

Defending Your Idaho Values

Chenele Dixon is a pro-life and pro-gun fiscal conservative. You can count on her to defend our conservative Republican Idaho values at the Capitol.

Promoting Your Parental Rights in Education

Idaho’s future depends on educating our kids the right way. Extremist-liberal ideologies, such as Critical Race Theory, have no place in Idaho schools. Chenele Dixon will ensure parents have control over their children’s education and provide options for Idaho families.

Putting You First, Protecting Your Community

Idaho is growing, but you can count on Chenele Dixon to put you and your family first. She will ensure Idaho is prepared for the future while protecting the interests of Idaho’s families, agricultural industry and small businesses.


  • Dan & Suzanne Alder
  • Cheryl & Tom Arledge
  • Bruce & Paula Bagnall
  • Eileen Banholzer
  • Maxine Bell
  • Tom & Jeannie Billington
  • Bert & Paula Brackett
  • Randy & Trish Brown
  • Doug & Kerrianne Burch
  • Tom & Deniece Carter
  • Jason & Gretchen Chesley
  • Gretchen & Scott Clelland
  • Lance & DeeDee Clow
  • James & Lori Coombs
  • Mickey Dalin
  • Gary & Marjorie Dixon
  • Spencer & Eden Dixon
  • Steve & Jill Dixon
  • Emily & Mark Driggs
  • Jimmy & Carly Dunn
  • Brent & Chalet Funk
  • David & Shirlene Funk
  • Don & Denise Gill
  • Don Hall
  • Josh & Lindsay Hall
  • Mason & Suzanna Harper
  • Neil & Bonnie Harpster
  • Linda Hartgen
  • Suzanne Hawkins
  • Chad & Gina Heider
  • Lee & Jan Heider
  • Larry Hollifield
  • Don & Dee Holmes
  • Lisa Holmgren
  • Dee & Jayne Hunsaker
  • Diane & David Jensen
  • Charity Johns
  • Jack & Rhonda Johnson
  • Allyson King
  • Julie King
  • Doriene & Jim Knight
  • Frank Knight
  • Steven Kohtz & Elizabeth Quesnell Kohtz
  • Julie Koyle
  • Sharon Lancaster
  • Terry Lee
  • Laurie & Bill Lickley
  • Grant & Elisha Loebs
  • McKay & Jill Lundgren
  • Robert Lundgren
  • Richard & Rachelle Manwaring
  • Mike Mason
  • Mike & Niki Mathews
  • Pat & Tina McMillen
  • Natalie & Steve Millington
  • Andrew & Lisa Mix
  • David & Joya Patrick
  • Jim & Afton Patrick
  • Rick Pearson
  • Blake & Chelsie Pedersen
  • John & Nancy Pitz
  • Wyatt Prescott
  • Brent Reinke
  • Mandi & T.D. Riddle
  • Joann Rutler
  • Trevor & Carolyn Satterfield
  • Luke Schroeder
  • Dan Shewmaker
  • Trevor Smith
  • Bob & Dorene Stephenson
  • Kris Stone
  • Rob & Michelle Sturgill
  • Tom & Heather Wangeman
  • Brian & Nicole Ward
  • Louise & Larry Ward
  • Renda Ware
  • Trevor & Monica Ware
  • Eric & Maggie Watte
  • Nathan & Allison Welch
  • Brad & Lucy Wills
  • Zane & Tine Wines
  • Paul Workman


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